Postmenopausal sexual reluctance in women due to hormonal imbalances

Let's put it in a way that people can understand, there is a case of postmenopausal sexual reluctance in women due to hormonal imbalances due to menopause. And women usually go through menopause in their fifties. On the other hand, it is said that the best sex is at this age. In other words, we can say that the 40s and 50s are the age of sexuality for women. On the other hand, there are some negatives as well.



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Those who say, "He is already 50 years old, and his  wife has a bag, what his sexuality" is not our interlocutor; We know that sexuality should last until the 70s or even 80s. Sexual reluctance after menopause is a serious problem in women. So think about it, you have 90 years of life, you are healthy, your sexual life ends at the age of 50. Actually, this article should be written by a woman; because he is said to have waned his will.

If we say "sex is not an orgasm" to women in this situation, they will interpret our words as "sexuality is not only important for sleeping but also making love/playing/playing". We do not take into account such translations/understanding; we mean full sex, orgasm, snuggling and all that as a whole. We're going to have a holiday kiss at 50 because we're getting older, while we're making love on a quilt mattress at 20.

Sexual reluctance can also mean the end of sexual life, and even at 50. E but male 70 to 80 fit. Although sexual slowdown/decrease is seen in men as well, but not in general, but an exception; those who have the problem. The issue is already resolved with drugs.

On the one hand, the woman who is still like a stone, but who has finished sexuality physically and mentally, is a fit man on the other. It's not what logic takes for granted. So now it won't fit here, but we need to use a pointed sentence. Women were created for sex. I mean, the literature doesn't really say that, but apparently and as a general perception, this is the case. And when this woman reaches 50, she says she is no more; I'm going to take care of my grandchildren now and make a cake pie.

It seems to people that this is not so… This is how the heart desires; be it male or female. Think about it, a woman escort service like a cillop is chopping onions in the kitchen!

There is no clear explanation for this in the medical world. Research has been done in the USA, Australia and England. Hormonal changes after menopause have been proven. However, in these studies, the question of whether women's sexual life is interrupted after menopause could not be answered definitively; There were results that mostly pleased the pharmaceutical companies.

It should be considered that this situation is not a natural result of female anatomy, but rather external factors such as physical and mental problems that occur after menopause, age, socio-cultural conditions, society's point of view, and perceptions. Otherwise, it is against the nature of things for a healthy woman to say that I left sex at 50 of her body. In any case, such a situation will upset the balance of life. No matter what anyone says, sexuality has an important place in men's interest in women. Hormone secretion changes in the body are of course important in women, but not so much as to interrupt life like this. I think that the perception that upsets and shudders women on this issue is created by ignorant people and pharmaceutical companies that want to increase their profits. In fact, I think science and medical science are also used for bad purposes. Problems arise separately,

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